Andrea Redeker Obituary

Andrea Christine Redeker
Andrea Christine Redeker

December 27, 1970 - January 7, 2019
Born in Anchorage, Alaska
Resided in Anchorage, Alaska


Andrea - May you rest in peace and know you were loved by so many. We will honor you and pay our respects to a life we were fortunate to be a part of.
Andrea was preceded in death by her mother, Maria; and survived by her sisters, Heather and Dawn; and her intentional family here in Anchorage.

In lieu of flowers, we ask to "pay forward Love, Kindness and Acceptance to all ... "

"I had a friend, she was fierce, and fabulous, and funny. I had a friend, and now she's gone. I had a friend and she died. I had a friend, she died for being transgender. She died for being who she was. She didn't die in a single act of violence, though all too many do. She died thousands of small deaths, until she couldn't face the world, couldn't believe in the beauty, she didn't have any hope.
""She died a little with every snicker, every eye roll, every snide look. She died every time she encountered someone and they had a choice: they had a choice to accept her, to embrace who she was, and they didn't. Every Neanderthal that clocked her at the grocery store, every bank clerk that rolled their eyes, every time someone chose judgment instead of acceptance. I had a friend, and she died because society couldn't accept and love her for the amazing woman that she was.
""I had a friend, she was a force to be recognized. She was brave, she was strong, and we stole her in little moments, over and over, until one day she was gone. I had a friend that is gone because instead of loving, she received judgment. Instead of open arms, she felt scorn.
""I had a friend, I loved her, and now she is gone and I miss her."
- Jessica Moore

Trans Lifeline: 877-565-8860
Crisis Text Line: 741741

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