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The Cremation Society of Alaska is Alaska's only certified Veterans & Family Memorial Care provider and was selected as Alaska's exclusive Veterans Funeral Care provider in 2012. Through our firm's membership in these two nation-wide organizations, we pride ourselves with the most knowledgeable staff on Veterans Resources and Benefits. Veterans Funeral Care is endorsed by The American Legion, Dept of Indiana

We find it a privilege to serve our nation's military, veterans and their families, and we thank each one of them for their honored service and sacrifice.

Our Nation has elected to honor those who have served in the Armed Forces with special tributes and benefits at the time of their death.

All veterans' families will be relieved of the burden of completing and filing the necessary paperwork to receive veterans' burial benefits

The DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty is the most important document for the veteran to safeguard as it contains the necessary information to enable us to secure the appropriate funeral honors and benefits. We strongly suggest that you keep a copy of your discharge readily available (not in a bank's safe deposit box). Should you make funeral pre-arrangements we suggest that copy of the discharge be made a part of that file. If you do not have a copy of the DD 214 one may obtained by filling out a Standard Form 180 and sending it to the:

National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
9700 Page Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63132

The Standard Form 180 may be obtained from the internet at:
If you do not have access to a copier we will be pleased to make a photo copy for your personal records or for your prearrangement file.

The Arlington National Cemetery website provides good, detailed information about the cemetery, it's history and the requirements for burial or inurnment on its grounds. Please note Arlington National Cemetery is a Department of Army cemetery that has separate burial qualifications.

The National Cemetery Administration is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs; the website is a source of information about various National Cemeteries located throughout the nation. The website explains procedures and requirements.

You may seek out either of these websites and communicate with them via e-mail, mail or phone. If you wish you are always welcome to call Cremation Society of Alaska (907) 277-2777 or (907) 373-8627 with any questions you might have regarding the military funeral.
If burial is in a private, church or family cemetery it is possible to obtain military honors for the veteran funeral. Again, the Discharge or Form DD-214, is most critical to applying for the military honors at these locations.

You will find that the Department of Veterans Affairs Website contains up-to-date information on Military Funeral Honors and benefits to be quite helpful in answering frequently asked questions.

We are most familiar with the process of securing military honors as we regularly deal with all of the branches of the service in the course of planning funerals. If you have a question about military honors or benefits we invite you to call us. If you have a question that requires research we will be glad to help you.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

cellphones_for_soldiers.jpgThe Cremation Society of Alaska are reaching out is by their participation in the Cell Phones for Soldiers project. More than 150,000 troops are serving overseas and are away from their families. We are calling on all Americans to support these brave men and women by donating your old cell phones. Cremation Society of Alaska has become an official drop off site for Cell Phones for Soldiers to help troops stay connected with their families. You can support this project  by donating your old cell phones at the Cremation Society of Alaska, any weekday between the hours of  9 a.m. and 5p.m.

Old Glory Collection Center

Cremation Society of Alaska  has become an Old Glory Collection Center. The mission is to collect old, tattered, unusable flags to be retired in a dignified manner in accordance with the U.S. Flag Code.

When your flag is no longer worthy of display please bring it to us,  and we will cremate the flag with a veteran. Your flag will honor a veteran by being draped across them at the time of cremation.

As the United States continues to prosecute the War on Terror, across the nation, Americans continue to display their pride and patriotism to a degree not witnessed since the World War II era. Our nation's flag flies boldly from homes, offices, and automobiles. As time passes, however, many of these flags begin to show the ill effects of exposure to wind and weather. As they are replaced, their owners are faced with the dilemma of what to do with them.

You can bring your old, tattered flags to the Cremation Society of Alaska, any weekday between the hours of  9 a.m. and 5 p.m. It is a fitting tribute to veterans and a patriotic way to “retire” aged flags. There is no charge for this service.

Veteran's Benefits

purple_heart.jpgThe following benefits are available to an honorably discharged U.S. Veteran:

Cash Benefits for Veterans

Benefits for veterans who die at a 673d Medical Group (JBER) or a VA Medical Center

Gets $700 burial or cremation allowance.
Gets $700 plot allowance if they don't use a National Cemetery.
Gets transportation from VA hospital
Gets transportation to place of interment or services (Funeral Vehicle/Hearse)

Benefits for veterans who die outside a VA Hospital

Scenario #1
You are receiving a VA service connected disability pension.
VA service connected disability pension. Gets $300 burial/cremation allowance.
Gets $300 plot allowance if they don't use a National Cemetery.
If your disability is service connected, transportation will be paid only if buried in a National Cemetery.

Scenario #2
VA assistance or support pension.
VA support pension. Gets $700 burial/cremation allowance.
Gets $700 plot allowance if they don't use a National Cemetery.
No transport money is allowed

Scenario #3
100% service connected veteran.
Must have died from service connection. If so, up to $2,000 is reimbursed to family for funeral/cremation costs.

Benefits for all veterans and spouses

All Veterans and their spouses with honorable discharge and with one day of active duty are entitled to free cemetery property, headstone, opening & closing, and perpetual care at any National Cemetery.

The National Cemeteries in Alaska are Ft Richardson National Cemetery, a 39 acre cemetery located on Joint Base Elmendorf/Richardson just outside of Anchorage or Sitka National Cemetery a 4.3 acre cemetery in Sitka.

Honorably discharged veteran serving any length of time before 9/7/80.
Veterans entering service after this time must serve 24 months of continuous active duty or for the full time for which the person was called to active duty.

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