Our Mission

alaska.jpgOur Mission is to offer affordable cremation options without the burden of the modern funeral home system. By creating a consumer based society of members to lower the cost without sacrificing dignity.

Our History

Since 1968, when my father, Michael A. Hasara began his funeral career with the Rost Funeral Home in Lakefield, Minnesota, the Hasara Family has guided families of all faiths through the process of grieving with neighborly concern and professional care. As an independent family owned and operated business, we will treat your family with the compassion, dignity, and professionalism that you will not find anywhere else. Our History in Alaska began in 2005, when my mother, Devone and I moved here. Seeing a definite need for professional family service, personalized and affordable options, the Cremation Society of Alaska was born and developed.

Our Philosophy

The Hasara family believes that every human life is precious and that the death of a family member is a time for family, friends and community to come together for support and commemoration.

As family and community, we need to acknowledge our loss, give and receive support and participate in special ways to help us cope with grief.

Our purpose is to help you plan and realize the services, ceremonies, rituals and events you choose to help mark the significance of a special person's life.

Whether your wishes are for time-honored traditional services or a personally designed and created remembrance, we can provide experience, expertise and compassionate service to carry out your wishes and requests.